The Object: The Original Knotted Belt


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Product Description

The Knotted Belt is the original of the Rilleau buckle-less belts. These were sometimes referred to in the 60's as "the Snake Belt". This design utilizes one set of vertical slots and ties in a graceful figure 8. Although it may seem somewhat complicated at first, the "knot" is actually very easy to learn and becomes automatic after only a few lacings. And for those convinced they won't figure it out, each Knotted Belt is accompanied by a very nice woodblock print that shows how this tie goes. 

The size of the knot is usually proportionate to the length, with the smaller knots accompanying the smaller waist sizes. ; and vice versa. This is also true of the width of the main "shaft" of the belts, but they range from 1" to 1 1/8"  in general width.

Approximately 8" of size adjustment is usually expectable from the belts and can sometimes be more. After the knot is tied there is 10" to 12" of extra length to the "tail". Usually this is tucked under the shaft of the belt near the hip.  Please not that depending on the grain of the leather, the knots and tail of the belt will either be oriented left or right.  



MATERIAL: Med. Brown or Black Leather
DIMENSION: Available in 3 waist sizes.
AVAILABILITY: Made to Order. Ships in 2 to 3 weeks.
RETURNS: Rilleau Leather Store Credit

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