Hand Turned Classic Rolling Pins

Hand Turned Classic Rolling Pins

by ShackletonThomas

Hand Turned Rolling Pins

In an age where speed is prized over quality and character, where age-old artistic traditions have been compromised by mass automation, ShackletonThomas has remained true to its roots.  The company is one of the few remaining of its size in the United States that still manufactures each piece, one by one, using extensive handwork. 

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  • Hand Turned Maple Rolling Pins
    Hand Turned Maple Rolling Pins By ShackletonThomas

About the ArtisanDrew Wilkinson for ShackletonThomas

Drew Wilkinson is 25 years old; he worked for ShackletonThomas as a furniture maker in 2007 until he went to study Architectural Engineering at the Vermont Technical College. He makes these extraordinary wood turnings in his spare time at a large lathe at the ShackletonThomas workshops. The wood for these pieces comes from Drew's family farm in Royalton. All the shavings from his turnings are transported to a local farm for bedding for dairy cows or used as compost for Drew's potatoes.

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