Handmade Gift Sets

Handmade Gift Sets

by Farmhouse Pottery

Handmade Gift Sets

Farmhouse Pottery was established in 2012 by Zoe Zilian. Her simple, honest, useful designs are made from quality natural materials. Each piece of stoneware is thrown on a wheel by master potters in her home studio/workshop. 

    Productsin This Collection

  • $95.00 Maple Syrup Pitcher Gift Set
    Maple Syrup Pitcher Gift Set By Farmhouse Pottery
  • $95.00 Salt Cellar Gift Set
    Salt Cellar Gift Set By Farmhouse Pottery
  • $135.00 Stoneware Honey Pot Gift Set
    Stoneware Honey Pot Gift Set By Farmhouse Pottery

About the ArtisanZoe Zilian

Zoe grew up in Camden, Maine, where at a very young age her appreciation for nature’s seasonal elements and the importance of community values developed. She went on to study design and fine art at the Maine College of Art and the San Francisco Art Institute. Early on, Zoe’s camera came to be the most important tool in her creative process. She looked up to Richard Avedon and Annie Leibovitz for their work’s honesty and raw approach to storytelling. Her multi-disciplinary career has included working in sales, marketing and with creative firms in Providence, New York and Boston. In 2003, Zoe and her husband co-founded a high-end collection of lighting and décor, which gave her valuable, first hand experience in taking products to market.

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