Aprons with Style: For the Home Cook, Chef or Artist.

Aprons with Style: For the Home Cook, Chef or Artist.

by Hedley & Bennett

Handmade Aprons of Distinction

Hedley & Bennett aprons are handmade in Los Angeles from beginning to end using everything from American canvas, Japanese selvage denim to European linens. Built to last, each fabrication detail has been considered to handle the stress that a user would put it through. Hedley & Bennett aprons are unique because they have a design quality as high as the clothes they are meant to protect.  Exceptional quality and great prices. 



    Productsin This Collection

  • Bonnie Apron
    Bonnie Apron By Hedley & Bennett
  • Fishstick Apron
    Fishstick Apron By Hedley & Bennett
  • Hickory Apron
    Hickory Apron By Hedley & Bennett
  • Red Rover Apron
    Red Rover Apron By Hedley & Bennett

About the ArtisanEllen Bennett

While working amongst various kitchens in Los Angeles, Founder Ellen Bennett noticed the mundane and stale look of the American kitchen uniforms. What started as an experiment for one of her chef’s kitchens, turned into a nationwide trend of professional kitchens donning these thoughtfully designed aprons. Bennett's line of aprons are worn by top chefs in the kitchens of some of the finest restaurants around. Now, her apron wearers also include painters, sculptors, and other artists.

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